Workshop on Internationalized Domain Names and African Languages
Pointe-Noire, Congo
26-27 November 2015

The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be hosting a workshop on Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) from 26-27 November 2015 in Point- Noire, Congo, prior to the AFRINIC-23 meeting. Building on ICANN’s Africa Strategy, which was launched three years ago, and with the support of ICANN’s IDN program, this new workshop will focus on IDNs in the context of African languages and scripts. It will introduce the IDN Program at ICANN and the work being done by the script based Generation Panels.

The objective of this workshop is to galvanize the African community’s support and encourage them to participate in the necessary script-based work that is already underway. By contributing to this ongoing effort, participants will help promote IDNs in indigenous African scripts (e.g. Ethiopic) and the use of Latin script for African languages.

Participants are expected to actively contribute to the discussions during the workshop, and are expected to volunteer for script-based panels – Latin or other scripts – that may be set up to support African scripts. Language



Day 1: November 26
08:30 –  09:00 Opening ceremony
09:00 – 09:30 Presentation I :  Languages and scripts and their use in Africa Toussaint Tchitchi
09:30 – 10:15 Presentation II : Status of Localization support for African languages Dwayne Bailey
10:15 – 10:45 Pause – cafe
10:45 – 11:30 Presentation III : Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) at ICANN Sarmad Hussain
11:30 – 12:30 Presentation IV :  World Report on IDNs tbd
12:30 – 13:00 Presentation V :  IDN initiatives and experiences from Africa Tarik Mergani
13:00 – 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 – 14:45 Presentation VI :  Challenge in documenting script use in Africa for LGR Meikal Mumin
14:45 – 15:30 Presentation VII :  Universal acceptance tbd
15:30 – 16:00 BREAK
16 :00 – 17 :00 Panel I : Scripts in Africa and need of African community to participate in IDN panels  Moderator : Pierre Dandjinou/Sarmad Hussain Pierre Dandjinou/Sarmad Hussain Basile Ngassaki,
Pierre Ouedraogo, Solomon Teferra,
Dwayne Bailey
Day 2:  November 27
09:00 – 09:30 Presentation VIII:  IDNs and root zone by Naela Serras Naela Serras
09:30 – 10:15 Presentation IX:  Latin LGR panel and relevance to Africa Meikal Mumin
10:15 – 10:45 Break
10:45 – 12:15 Panel II: Involving African Community to contribute to the script panels to support IDNs; Moderated by Pierre Dandjinou Meikal Mumin, Toussaint Tchitchi,
Sarat Assirou,
Abraham Ndinga Mbo, Mouhamet Diop
12:15 – 12:45 Next steps in engaging African community Pierre Dandjinou
Sarmad Hussain
12:45 – 13:00 Concluding ceremony Pierre Dandjinou
13:00 End of the workshop

Practical Information

The Republic of the Congo (French: République du Congo), also known as Congo Republic, , is a countrylocated in Central Africa. It is bordered by five countries: Gabon to the west; Cameroon to the northwest; the Central African Republic to the northeast; the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the east and south; and the Angolan exclave of Cabinda to the southwest.

Official language

French is the official language in Congo. English and French are the workshop languages, as translation and interpretation services will be provided during the workshop

Workshop Venue and date

The Workshop will be held at ELAIS Hotel in Pointe-Noire on November 26-27, 2015


Franc CFA (code: XAF) is the currency in Congo.

Passport and VISA

A valid passport and visa are required. A few countries (list below) are exempt from visa.
A visa fee of 30 000 CFA or approx. 50 USD (revenue stamp) will apply to delegates who need a visa to travel to Congo.
Visa requirements are subject to change. We advise delegates to check with the Congolese Embassy regarding entry and visa requirements.
More information on visa at ttps://


The only mandatory vaccination is the Yellow Fever vaccine. The Yellow Fever vaccine needs to be less than 10 years old in order for it to be valid. Other vaccinations that are recommended are: Typhoid Fever, viral Hepatitis A and B, Meningococcal Meningitis, Rabies, and DTP.


All ICANN sponsored participants will be staying at ELAIS HOTEL



UA-African Language Script Forum
IDN TLD Program at ICANN
IDN in Africa
African localization IDN
IDN Meeting

Latin LGR panel and relevance to Africa

Challenge in documenting script use in Africa for LGR


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